Our next session will target the August SAT (dates TBD).

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​Linda Abelli


Jean Waltz


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We have found that the most reliable way to improve test scores is to take the test, get immediate feed back, and repeat.

Each session consists of:

  • Two Full Strategy Days (3 hours each):

Strategy Day 1 - Math and Language

Strategy Day 2 - More Math and Reading

  • Six Circuit Days (3 hours each)

On a Circuit Day, each student will complete an individualized circuit, which is to test for 30 minutes, work with Instructor, and repeat.

Work is done during class time. (Homework is not required, but it is available.) Just bring your calculator!


Emphasis is on test-taking strategies, stamina, and time management.

Located at:  The Duxbury Student Union, 147 St. George Street, Duxbury, MA (Beside the Percy Walker Pool)