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Students with Learning Disabilities:

For students with learning disabilities the college-search process may be even more intimidating. A few pointers:


1. Know your child.


2. Pursue test accommodations (appeal if necessary):

50-100% more time for the SAT or ACT is the most common accommodation. Other accommodations include 4-function calculator on the new SAT, taking the test over a span of several days, a reader, a scribe, a tape recorder, extra/ extended breaks, a distraction–free environment, a large print version, and an alternative test format. Please see:

ACT Services for Students with Disabilities (

SAT Services for Students with Disabilities (


3. To prepare for the test, here are some options to consider:

   a)  A prep course. Make sure your student sits up front and does all the homework.

   b)  One-on-one tutoring (make sure tutor is aware of any accommodations). Do all the homework.

   c)  Go on-line at Khan Academy or one of the many on-line SAT and ACT courses. Do all the homework.

   d)  Enroll in Sat-Act Circuit Training. Make sure we are aware of any accommodations.


4. Consider one of the many test-optional colleges  (


Preparing to play sports at college adds another level of complexity to the college search. Take a look at this site for a succinct description of the recruitment process. Planning to Play NCAA Sports?

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