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$1200 for eight 3-hour sessions

All classes are from 8am to 11am

at the Duxbury Student Union.

Target the October 7th SAT (Tentative Schedule)

August 13, 20, 27

September 4**, 10, 17, 24  (**Labor Day, this class is on Monday morning.)

Oct 1

October 22 (Review the QAS. This date depends on the date College Board releases scores.)

QAS is the SAT Question and Answer Service (QAS) offered to students taking the SAT in March, May, and October. The QAS includes a copy of the SAT questions from the specific test date and the student’s answers. Correct answers and additional scoring information are provided, as well as information about the type and difficulty of the questions. The QAS costs an additional $18.

QAS is gold… if the student scrutinizes the results.  You can order QAS during test registration or until five months after a test date.

(The SAS option for the June, August, November, and December tests is much less useful.)

Linda Abelli

Jean Waltz

 The Duxbury Student Union,

147 St. George Street, Duxbury, MA (Beside the Percy Walker Pool)

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